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Life Happens

It’d be fair to say that I’ve been a bit MIA on my blog lately. Not because I have nothing to say but because life is happening.

My now three year old is embracing and exacting his own independence more than ever. I have friends who told me that the Three’s were just as hard if not harder than the Two’s. I was hoping to avoid a similar fate. But it seems I join the ranks of many Moms who know just how much those Twos and Threes run together.

Then there is the constant worry of finances. I know I am not the only one who wonders how it’s all going to work together. Daily needs, house problems, random unexpected issues… they all seem to fall into a big old bag of “Why now?!”
Life is requiring constant adjustments and I am running around trying to keep up with them. I sometimes feeling like I am trying to keep it all together but to no avail. Life happens and I seem to have little control over how it unfolds. Some days I’m too busy and tired to notice. Other days I fret and worry or get di…