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An Easter Morning Prayer for the Broken Hearted

Dear Lord,

As we walk through this Easter weekend, once again examining and replaying the events that took place some 2,000 years ago, I can't help but think about my own journey of transformation these past few years.

Six years ago, I stood before you with what felt like a life that was falling apart and a heart full of shattered hopes and dreams. I've heard stories and soliloquies of the anguish the disciples may have felt that weekend before Easter morning. They did not know, as we know now, what Sunday morning held for them.

And so Lord there are many folks around me, living in their own personal anguish. Many times, the situations that brought about hurt and brokenness was not of their making. And they wonder, if there will indeed be an Easter morning on the horizon of their hearts. They dare not hope, for their pain feels too deep and their hope too far gone.

And its for those I pray today. I was counted among them 6 years ago. I dared not hope that I could have the fr…