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That’s what you’ve heard from me via my blog over the past few months. The crickets have chirped, the sun and moon have risen and set many times. And my voice on the cyber pages of my blog has been silent.
This actually hadn’t been my intention or purpose. As the days passed and I sat before my keyboard, I was … blank. At first I attributed to writers’ block. The longer it persisted, the more frustrated I became. I wrote a handful of posts, having only scrapped them the next day or two because they didn’t feel right. I didn’t know what I wanted to say. And if I did, I didn’t know how.
This was definitely a first for me. I was troubled, having thought I lost my mojo for writing. How sad. I bemoaned my slump to some friends and family. And still… silence on that "new post" space of my page.
So where have I been? What’s been going on?

In truth, I’ve spend the past few months backpacking through the mountains of circumstance, transition, and hardship. At times I felt li…