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The Beautiful Chaos of 39

Its June 16th. I just turned 39. I am embarking in what will be the last year of my 30s.

I also happened to have celebrated with 1-2 glasses of wine. So as relaxed as I am, I decided to compose a blog post.

I have had 3 different blogs buzzing in my mind for several weeks. But I've been horrendously busy and unable to sit down and work through them with the keys on my computer. So while I have been seeming silent in the world of blogging, I am hoping my schedule will allow me to complete my blog posts this summer. One can hope anyway.
Ya'll....can this be an honest post?  Not a tell-all for all the details of my life, but one where I can be honest about what life is like as I begin my 39th year?

At 39, I am in some ways so satisfied with my life. I LOVE my kids. They drive me crazy and I complain incessantly about frustrating behaviors, but I love them deeper than I ever thought I could love another human being. I am the mother of two very different boys. And to a degree, hi…