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Metaphorically Speaking

If you have spent any significant amount of time around me, you may notice something. I like to use analogies and metaphors..(An analogy being a comparison of two things, while a metaphor applies word or phrase to an object or action.) They allow me to describe things better. They also serve as a visualization for things I am attempting to explain or share.

I notice I do this a lot when describing my children. Especially because their personalities and essences are so different.

Joel, my older son, is 7 years old. He's brilliant and bossy. He's delightful and difficult. He is my Rubix Cube. I've yet to master successfully solving the Rubix Cube puzzle. I try to align all the white squares. I get close...and then here come blue or red square to throw a wrench in my problem solving skills. Joel is as complex and multifaceted as that Rubix Cube. Every time I think I figured him out, some new action, attitude, behavior or thought might pop up suddenly. And I am left to once aga…