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Watering the Grass

“I don’t know what I’m doing here, God,” I prayed as I vacuumed the staff lounge floor. Tears dropped down my cheeks as I passed the vacuum hose across the floor and around the couches. I was 25, single, and living overseas. And while I was generally happy, my heart longed and ached to be married and start a family. I remember saying as much in my prayers. “I have so much love to give God. I’m ready! When will you use all this nurturing and potential I have inside?” Gently but firmly, I felt God shift my focus. I was reminded that I was surrounded by others that I had the opportunity to love and serve. I could practice andshare my love with them, until the time came for me to start my own family.

I still remember the aching I felt in my heart for more. I felt ready for the love and companionship that I thought was only available in marriage and with children. Feeling ready for it, but lacking the reality of it in my life, I felt like I was missing out on something big!
Fast forward ten …