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Simple Substitutes

Eating healthy: let's face it- its tough on a lot of levels. Most often than not, we know how to do it and what plan works best for us- but it's a lot of time and money. The better stuff is more expensive and eating healthy requires more preparation at times.

This becomes an even trickier subject when you try to get your kids to eat healthier. They know hwta they like- and its often not healthy.
I am not the first person to blog about this nor will I be the last. But I wanted to add my voice to share some quick, inexpensive, and healthier swaps that has worked for us. After all, it may help you find options and feel better about what they eat with a limited effort and impact to your pocket book.
Also, I have a picky eater. A very picky eater. His preferred foods to eat will usually hover in the chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and juice box range. I can get him to eat rice and beans (yay!) and snack on fruits. But I offer veggies that usually go uneate…

Winds of Change

Sometimes I have difficulty shaping my words into blog form. Not because I don’t have enough words. Usually because I have too many words to say about too many subjects and I’m tempted to share them all at one time. Such is the life (and burden) of a communicator.
So I sit here on this beautiful October afternoon attempting for the 4th time to blog about the latest aspects of my life I wanted to share. My second mug of coffee is being consumed with contentment and my kids are quietly sleeping and playing in their rooms.

Over this past week I have been trying to find a way to share with my readers – that right now, this October day, I am content. I am peaceful. I am happy. Which feels odd to say namely because of the content of my latest posts. I have shared that I am experiencing hardship in my life circumstances. I have shared that I faced and acknowledged that I had given up on working towards healthier my eating & exercising habits. My posts are weaved with threads of feeling at…

The Setback

“Youneed to start eating healthier," he said. I had mentioned to my fellow sales associate that I had a Coke stashed in the fridge along with and a pack of M&Ms in the back to help me get through my current work shift. I was in between the lunch and dinner hour and hadn't really had time to eat lunch. It was meant to “pick me up” when my stomach began to growl with hunger and my energy depleted.

I don’t remember what my exact response was. I think it was a string of words attempting to justify and defend my “food choices.”  Inside however, I balked. I reasoned and explained to myself how he just didn't understand. Then I started thinking ways to explain or prove to him that he was wrong. Except he wasn't. And I knew it. And it bothered me.
This simple comment from my coworker began to haunt me for the next week. It was a catalyst to asking myself some very honest questions.
You see this time last year I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and feeling terribly …