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Sweet Appreciation

I recently accepted a position to work weekends in a retail company. While I was originally seeking full time work, this seemed to be the best solution for our family.
Initially, the thought of returning to work full time and sending the kids to day care seemed to be the relief and respite I was hoping for. An escape from long and weary monotonous days filled with tantrums and timeouts. As the job hunt progressed from days to weeks and we started considering all different kinds of options, we settled on this one. To my great surprise, I felt relief.
These feelings of relief puzzled me. For weeks and months I bemoaned the exhaustion I felt day after day. Keeping up with two active little boys is nothing to scoff it.I am a teacher, an entertainer, a nurse, a referee, a chauffeur, a maid, a cook, and more all rolled into one. Every day. I shift in and out of the roles and wonder endlessly if I am doing it right. I lay awake at night or spend time online looking for ideas to do it better. T…

Anywhere But Here

It’s one of those days. One of those days where I want to be anywhere but here.
I sit at my cluttered dining room table, with cartoons blaring in the background. I gaze around and take in the view. Toys on the living room floor peppered with goldfish crumbs everywhere. A sink full of dishes and countertops to match the disarray. Kids still in pajamas at 2pm and I am no worse for wear. I haven’t even brushed my hair today. To top it all off I have no desire to do anything to clean us all up. Nilch. None. Zero. Instead I’ve spent the hours trying to keep fevers downs and the kids distracted. Despite their runny noses and overly warm foreheads they still have enough energy to power a small plant.
So I do what I do daily. Look up online ideas for activities. Wrestle the toddler out of the bathroom as he loudly protest being parted from the toilet bowl. Put his brother in time out for inappropriately protecting/hoarding his toys. Dig under the couches for lost toy cars. Check the clock ever…