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Your Story Is Not Over

Your story is not over.

These are five simple words that have changed my heart and perspective about difficult situations and brought the light of hope into an otherwise dark place.

I’ve had the privilege of surviving the roller coaster of discouragement and despair (aka grief).  In truth, I have no desire to ride it again. But I will. This seems to be an integral part of the human experience, and one God seems to use many times to teach me more about myself and Him. One of the biggest lessons I have learned through these experiences is: My story is not over.

I remember turning 27 and being single. Many friends had paired up and were engaged, married, and some began having babies. My heart longed for my own love story to fulfill my desires and expectations. Instead, I found myself lonely, disillusioned, and tired of hoping things would be different. Thankfully, my story was not over.

I remember having been married less than two years, finding my happily ever after wasn’t happy at all…

Channeling In To Expectations

I have a confession to make. You know those questionnaires that ask how much TV your kids watch? The ones you take at the doctor’s office or some other assessment for your child.  I’ve lied on those. With frequent regularity. The first (and lowest option) was somewhere about the 1-2 hours a day. The second spot was about 2-4 hours a day. Then it was 5 -6 hours. Lastly it was about 7+. I always chose the second because it was closer to the truth. The truth was my kid watched closer to 6 hours of TV a day.

If I want to do anything right, I want to raise my kids “the right way.” And there are dozens of opinions and facts pointing to what the right way should be in my life. These suggestions take no account of my family dynamics, my children’s personalities and strengths, or my schedule. Most of the information comes from research and reports, and what has proven to be healthier and better for children in general.

Knowing that I was allowing my son to watch “too much TV” despite my desir…