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The Dichotomy of Motherhood

One of the things that intrigued me and excited me about Motherhood, was having the opportunity to have a front row seat to seeing a human life enter this world, develop, grow, and become an fully integrated adult in society. The fact that I would have a direct impact and influence in the upbringing and development of that child seemed to be an honor and gift that I felt like I would forever treasure.

Yet occasionally, exhausted from Mothering, drained from having to instruct, teach, encourage, reprimand, and focus the actions of my children all day long, that excitement seems to be a dim reminder fading in the distance like water evaporating after the rain on a hot day.

I often think about how parenting ends up being so m any opposing things at one time.

I can honestly say that I believe I am a good Mom. And in the same breath I can say with equal honesty that I feel most days my kids are being short changed when it comes to having me as a Mom. I am loving yet impatient. I am fair yet…

Have you seen an under cooked Quiche?

Have you ever seen an under cooked quiche?

I have.

Several years ago, I lived in the UK (Northern Ireland to be more specific). I call the UK the land of the quiches. I went from never even having seen or tasted a quiche to seeing them everywhere! From coffee shops to church socials, restaurants and supermarkets, these things were readily available. All sorts of varieties and all sorts of delectable flavors. They were so good!

Not that I haven't had any quiches since I have been back in the States, but I have yet to eat one here as yummy as the ones I had there. Also, I don't cook them. Despite their deliciousness. I'm not much of a pie crust baker and a good quiche has a yummy, flaky, buttery crust.

For those who don't know what a quiche is, its like an egg pie. Technically its a savory, open faced-pasty crust filled with a custard comprised of eggs, cheese, and meat or veggies (or both).

I lived in a community in Northern Ireland and we took turns cooking on the wee…