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The End of the Beginning

Two weeks ago, as I was thinking of my upcoming school days and the end result of a potential career as an Interpreter, I had a deep sense that I had a different road ahead of me. It’s difficult to explain. One could say it was discernment or a preminition. In all cases, I had a deep sense that I had a different course ahead of me. I shared my feelings with my husband and shrugged it off. I considered it may perhaps be all the road blocks I had to overcome to get registered for my class. I wasn’t sure. But I didn’t know if this was a stirring to march forward and break barriers, or a gentle preparation from God that he has plans for me yet. And that his plans and my plans may not be the same.

The feeling ebbed away for a few days. And then unbidden, three days before my first class, I got the same feeling. It was even stronger than before. I told my husband, “I have this feeling that things are going to turn out differently than I planned. I am still pursuing school, I am still movin…

The Beginning of the End

It's been 15 years since I attended a college course. I never did quite finish my degree or college education. Instead of completing my studies, I moved to Europe, volunteered, and traveled for 3-1/2 years. I returned from Europe, married, and started a family.

Eventually, my desire to complete my degree as a Sign Language Interpreter come bubbling back to the surface of my heart. Today, 4 years after realizing I wanted to return and complete that degree, I started my first day of school.

I'm excited and eagerly looking forward to begin this long road to complete my education. It's going to be slow at first. Only one class a semester, while simultaneously caring for my children. Also finding ways outside of the classroom to regain my lost [ASL] language skills. I have a plan, and so far I am on track, with a few adjustments along the way.

My husband asked me recently, if time and money were not an object, what would I want to do with my life or my time? I looked at him and…

Coming Into Focus

I just ran. Outside and in the rain. And I loved it. Seriously, I enjoyed it. I don’t know if it’s the exhilaration of running in the rain, or the freedom from not being aware of how sweaty I am or how hot it is outside, but in all cases it was refreshing.

As I ran, my mind went to a bible verse that the Apostle Paul wrote: “But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behindand straining toward what is ahead,I press ontoward the goal to win the prizefor which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 3:13b-14)

I’m notorious for being an on again, off again runner. Sometimes I run for months. Other times I can’t seem to keep it in gear. But when I am running, I get all sorts of feedback from different people. One of the most common remarks I get from non-runners is: “I could never run! I don’t know how you do it. I hate running.”

Yet that’s what I was thinking about on my run tonight. Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead…. For me, running is all about focus

The Party Is Over

One day years from now, my children are going to run across some blogs and journals I’ve written throughout the years. I wonder what they will think.  Sometimes the pages or posts are filled with happy, funny, light toned blurbs. But some of them just outline that life is hard.

I think about David in the Bible. He’s known for pouring out his anguish in song and poems. I can relate to that. Sometimes I’m nervous that people will read my writings years from now and think I was unhappy with my life. I am not. But … life is still hard. And for as many times my heart has swelled with joy and excitement, it’s equally been filled with pain and fear.

I found myself in an emotional slump some weeks ago. After a long and trying year, my heart had about just enough of the stress I had been under. And I caved. I’d invited myself to a pity party weeks before and finally decided to show up. I wallowed. I ate. I drank. I sulked.  I checked out. I cried “woe is me… this stinks… I feel tired and lonely…

A New First Day of School Experience

I still recall the first day of school with fondness. New books and Trapper Keeper loose leaf binders. Sharpened pencils and unused pens in my back pack ready to be used. Friends to reconnect with after the summer break. New slouch socks and LA Gear high tops with my denim skirt and t-shirt rolled at the sleeves.  Wait, I’m giving away my age with that last one. Suffice it to say, it was all exciting. The first day of school signaled a new beginning and a fresh start at earning good grades and remarks. I always found that first week quite exciting.

Years later, far beyond the days of my childhood school years, this school year brings a new kind of excitement. My firstborn will start his very first day of school! Aside from the fact that he’s been begging to go to school all year long, there are so many reasons to celebrate this momentous occasion.

First I’m curious to see how much of my home training will be taken to school with him each day. I’ve tried hard to see that he has learned…