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Navigating The Trenches of the Early Parenting Years

I have a beautiful friend who while encouraging me, described the early years of parenting as being “in the trenches.”

I remember feeling like that phrase perfectly encapsulated the essence of these early parenting years.
I, my friends, am very much in the trenches. In the very thick of it really. With 2 small children, a full -time job outside the home, a revolving door of doctor’s appointments and the usual lineup of necessary duty’s: cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc., I am in the trenches.
And I feel it.

The weariness from it is not just physical. Sometimes my heart and soul feel just as weary as my body does from the barrage of duties, responsibilities, and teaching my children to be kind, respectful, and responsible human beings.

Can I be honest with you? Some days when I’ve been just a little too tired and a bit too overwhelmed, I begin to think some not great things. Things like, “I’m not cut out for this” or “I’m just not enough” or “I am not enjoying my life.” Worse yet I l…