Filled to the Brim & Overflowing

I saw an interesting and enlightening demonstration once. Technically the demonstration was performed to illustrate time management and priorities but I have never forgotten it.

A man stood on stage with a glass container. He filled the container with large rocks until it reached the brim. Then he added pebbles. The pebbles, being significantly smaller than the large rocks, dropped into empty spaces and gaps left among the large rocks. The container appeared full. The man then pulled out a bag of sand. He proceeded to pour sand in all the gaps and spaces left from the pebbles. Finally, we all assumed the glass was really full. But the man surprised us once again, by producing a glass of water and pouring the water into the container, until finally the container overflowed. The container was at last truly full.

While this demonstration was meant
to illustrate how we should manage our priorities, I think it’s an appropriate depiction of my life.

Today is my 10-year Wedding Anniversary. Ten years ago, my husband and I stood before all our family and friends and promised to honor our commitment to each other, in good times and in bad. And let me tell you, we have had plenty of both. There are times when we look at each other and discuss how na├»ve we were about just how difficult life could really get. The vows we made to each other that Saturday in 2007 have been tested and tried many times over. For us, honoring that commitment meant being willing to make sacrifices and changes. It meant learning to become better versions of ourselves. It’s taken heartache, pain, tears, forgiveness, compassion, and celebration to be able to honor that commitment.  And I find myself grateful that both of have been willing to give this marriage our all.

My marriage to Xavier has been like that container. One that was full to the brim with large rocks, but had pebbles added along the way. Filling gaps and spaces in my life I didn’t know I had.

Then we welcomed our first-born son Joel in 2011. What a change to our lives being parents brought! Changes in schedules and priorities. Changes in availability for ourselves as individuals and each other as a couple. As we adjusted to these changes, another son was granted to us. Alvaro caught us by surprise in so many ways since his birth in 2013.  Our children have been like the sand, filling every nook and cranny available. 

But the most surprising thing about this journey in my marriage has been the love. The fierce never-giving-up-no- matter-how-hard-it-gets love. Amidst the adventures and the humdrum, amidst the fun and fears, amidst the passion, the fights, the exhaustion and life – there is love. The kind of love that fills the container of my life when I didn’t think it could get any fuller. The love that has been bestowed upon me by my husband and our children fills my cup to overflowing. No matter how crazy I feel, how exhausted I get, or how so many things in life pull at my attn- my heart is lucky enough to spill, slosh, and drip from the overflowing of love I get to give and receive. 



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